Operations Covering All of California

Sky Ladder Drones has trained, licensed and professional pilots from Sacramento to San Diego. Yes, we’re based in Los Angeles, but we’ve built a terrific network of pilots across the state. Many are available with only a couple days’ notice. Give us a call to check availability: +1 (310) 325-3333

Different Drones for Different Needs

Having the right drone for the job is critical. We own or have access to a variety of drone hardware… but more importantly, we will make sure we are using the right “tools” for the job. This includes high resolution cameras, thermal sensors and even fixed-wing drones for large area mapping. Most importantly, we’re fully insured for everything we fly.

Professional Training and Experience

Sky Ladder Drones supports the local community by teaching at local community colleges and private enterprises. Our partner also helps setup and train local police agencies… so, if you need training in-house give us a call.

FAA Certified and Flying Legally

Sky Ladder Drones is a fully licensed commercial UAS operator, authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States. The challenge is that drone regulations include both the FAA and local governments… so it is very complicated.  Sky Ladder Drones only uses Part 107 certified pilots and flies legally. This includes flying in “Zero Grid” close to major airports including LAX, John Wayne/Santa Ana, Fullerton, Torrance and San Diego — see our blog to learn more about these missions.

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