A Great 2D Mapping Example – Capturing the Changing Landscape at Madrona Marsh

What a difference one month of rain makes!

As you probably know, we donate a weekly mapping capture to Madrona Marsh in Torrance, CA — and this has provided the Marsh staff and volunteers with an invaluable tool for the management of the Marsh. And today’s capture has shown a significant difference in water levels compared on only one month ago.

Take a look at a side-by-side maps on how much the Marsh has changed from December 2019 storms which dropped 4.87 inches of water:


The Madrona Marsh is one of the last remaining vernal freshwater marshes in Los Angeles County — and 100% fed by rainfall.

These maps were created by combining 399 drone photographs into an orthomosaic image. Think of it as a high definition Google Map (10x the resolution) that YOU determine when it is captured.

Do you have a remodel, construction project, parking lot or even a wildlife preserve you want to track over time? Sky Ladder Drones can help you create high definition maps — and you control when and where you share the maps. And, by combining the services of a licensed surveyor, these maps turn from pretty pictures to measurements and data. Give us a call or drop us an email.

Here’s a high resolution image of today’s mapping capture:

[Note: These maps are not surveys or certified by a licensed surveyor. They are just pretty pictures until they are geo-referenced and certified.]

Topping Off Ceremony at Historic Vision Theater in Leimert Park

Peter did a terrific job at the Vision Theater in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles today.

He captured the final structural steel being set at the historic Vision Theater.