New Construction Progress Project Located in Burbank Airport “Zero Grid”

Our new client is building a great project and wanted to capture aerial construction progress images… the challenging part was that the location is adjacent to Burbank Airport. Technically, the property was airport property. With the reduced air traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional safety mitigations, we were able to coordinate and received airspace authorizations from Burbank Airport Air Traffic Control (who has been terrific to work with) for a safe flights to meet this customer’s needs.

This project is not only very close to Burbank Airport, but the construction of the Avion Burbank project is on a historic site.  The site is the location of the old Lockheed Aircraft location which built the P38-Lightning Fighter during World War II and the was home to the “skunk-works” which built the SR-71 “Blackbird” up until 1998. So flying a drone where aviation history was written makes the project even more special.

Here’s a marked-up photo showing how close to the airport we received authorization to fly:

Construction Progress – Onsite adjacent to Burbank Airport in “Zero Grid” airspace.