Point Dume, Malibu: Donating our services

Sky Ladder Drones had a good… no, a great day today! We had operations with our newest team members in Northern California mapping 300 acres, a second pilot mapping 600 acres in Irvine, and what I’m most proud of — donating our services to a Malibu community.

We are donating our drone mapping services to a community in Malibu. A friend of mine lost her Point Dume home in the Wolseley Fire and are providing a current map of the whole community including the homes that burned. Thank goodness, the majority of her community which was saved by some heroic residents.


2/5/19 – UPDATE:  Santa Monica College Extension published an article in their Spring 2019 Class Catalog about this project and how two extern students (Adrian and JJ) participated in this operation.



Spring 2019 – Santa Monica College Class Catalog (see page 5)


Article on Santa Monica College Externship Students  (see page 5)