Great (but Hot) Day Capturing Images to Map 1,200 Acres for Cut/Fill Analysis!

Terrific job Adrian in piloting today! He took the lead as the remote pilot in command on a large 1,200 acre image capture. It was close to 90+ degrees today (and when you are on a pile of dirt with no vegetation it felt even hotter!)  Our client will be using the data to do a cut/fill analysis of this very large site.

The capture was successful but there were two casualties — Our iPad overheated and the screen broke and the adhesive on Adrian’s shoes failed and started flapping around. So what do you do when this happens??? You just pull the soles off the shoes and keep working!!!

Great job in this hot and difficult location.


Steven and Adrian after a successful 1200 acre mapping capture!


In the middle of the job, the adhesive on Adrian’s shoes failed from the heat outside and on the dirt… so what do you do???  You just pull them off and keep working!


Adrian at the top of the hill while mapping 1200 acres.