Successful Flights in March Air Reserve Base “Zero Grid” to Capture New Construction Progress

I had a great morning with Desiree and Mariel capturing a construction progress job. Besides being a beautiful day, it was really cool flying near March ARB with “real-time deconfliction” coordination with their air traffic control. But, when you get a call from ATC to advise you that there will be UAV activity we need to avoid — you don’t expect a huge Reaper UAV doing touch-and-goes nearby. (at least I think it is a Reaper from the attached picture Desi took.) #zerogrid #ATC-Called-US!

1 mile from March ARB – with “real-time deconfliction”

Our team Onsite (and yes, that is Desi in a pink safety vest!)

We finished just as the Reaper UAV began flying training missions nearby.