Need 720,000 sqft of Warehouse Space? The Freeway Business Center is Complete.

After close to 2 years visiting this job site adjacent to March ARB, the Freeway Business Center is complete. The designers/architects made this 720,000 sqft warehouse nice on both the inside and outside.  Standby for a future time lapse of the project that is going to be awesome!

Roof Inspection Turns into Thermal Bee Hive Hunt

The homeowner knew there were bees coming into their house… and thought it might have been from a window.  But, with a 3 story home and terracotta roof (which is very brittle) — our roof inspection ended-up finding the bee hive without ever needing to walk on their roof.

Visually we found the bees easily, but to see in the crevice on the roof the thermal camera found the bees beautifully!

Thank you to for one of the most interesting projects of the year!!!

Solar Module Inspection – String Out!

Over the summer (when we thought schools would be going back this Fall) we did multiple school solar module inspections.  A perfect time to do it when there are not any cars or people on campus.  And wow, we found multiple arrays with full strings out!

It really is amazing how solar module issues are so clearly visible via thermal/infrared inspection.  Also, doing this manually would take almost the whole day and cost thousands of dollars… with a drone it was a fraction of the time/cost.

New Construction Progress Project Located in Burbank Airport “Zero Grid”

Our new client is building a great project and wanted to capture aerial construction progress images… the challenging part was that the location is adjacent to Burbank Airport. Technically, the property was airport property. With the reduced air traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional safety mitigations, we were able to coordinate and received airspace authorizations from Burbank Airport Air Traffic Control (who has been terrific to work with) for a safe flights to meet this customer’s needs.

This project is not only very close to Burbank Airport, but the construction of the Avion Burbank project is on a historic site.  The site is the location of the old Lockheed Aircraft location which built the P38-Lightning Fighter during World War II and the was home to the “skunk-works” which built the SR-71 “Blackbird” up until 1998. So flying a drone where aviation history was written makes the project even more special.

Here’s a marked-up photo showing how close to the airport we received authorization to fly:

Construction Progress – Onsite adjacent to Burbank Airport in “Zero Grid” airspace.

New 30x Zoom Capabilities for Industrial Inspections and SWPPP Site Reviews (with live-stream feeds)

We just did a demo for a potential client and converted the footage captured into a short 1 minute video.  Check out the amazing detail you can see with this 30x lens.

Also, we are able to live-stream the video feed for a remote inspector to review in real-time.


Creative COVID-19 Billboards Displays to Slow Traffic on the 405 Freeway

With almost no Los Angeles traffic during the Stay-At-Home orders, it’s amazing to see the lack of traffic (and creative electronic billboards) during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are billboards next to the 405 freeway just South of LAX.

My favorite from this day was:

Panda Express – COVID-19 Billboard





Thermal Roof Inspection with COVID-19 Face Protection (on drone and me)

I did a small thermal/infrared roof inspection today and wanted to document that I was in FULL compliance with the mandatory face covering order that Mayor Garcetti issued on April 7. [Public Order Under City of Los Angeles Emergency Authority Issued April 7, 2020 Subject: Worker Protection Order (must wear face covering)] #FlyingSafe #COVID19 #SkyLadderDrones

Pilot and Drone — both flying with face protection.

Madrona Marsh Preserve Phenology – January 2019 to January 2020 (time lapse of monthly drone capture)

We just finished compiling the following video which shows a phenology (study of nature over time) on how the Medrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance, CA has changed during 2019.

These drone images show how the Madrona Marsh Preserve has changed from January 2019 to January 2020. As you will see, there is significant changes since 16.59 inches in total rainfall fell during the year. Focus on the left side (West) of the site to see the most significant changes in water levels — with the whole site’s vegetation changing colors throughout the seasons.

This was created by combining 12 months of orthomosaics into a time lapse video. Each month’s orthomosaic was created by combining (stitching) 400 low altitude drone photographs into precision map.


Sky Ladder Drones Featured on Cover of Daily Breeze Today!!!

A terrific article written by Nick Green of the Daily Breeze was published today featuring our volunteer work with the Madrona Marsh.

Read the article here:


Construction Progress Captures in March ARB “Zero Grid”

We had multiple jobs today capturing construction progress in Moreno Valley today. Thank you to Desi for her help as a VO, it was invaluable having her onsite and always fun to work with.

As you can see, it was a beautiful SoCal day – sunny, crisp and cool. Also, coordination of the “Zero Grid” airspace with March ARB was smooth as usual – thank you to the team at March ARB for their professionalism.


Desi and Steven on job site in Moreno Valley


Desi takes a selfie on the jobsite.