Thermal Roof Inspection with COVID-19 Face Protection (on drone and me)

I did a small thermal/infrared roof inspection today and wanted to document that I was in FULL compliance with the mandatory face covering order that Mayor Garcetti issued on April 7. [Public Order Under City of Los Angeles Emergency Authority Issued April 7, 2020 Subject: Worker Protection Order (must wear face covering)] #FlyingSafe #COVID19 #SkyLadderDrones

Pilot and Drone — both flying with face protection.

Madrona Marsh Preserve Phenology – January 2019 to January 2020 (time lapse of monthly drone capture)

We just finished compiling the following video which shows a phenology (study of nature over time) on how the Medrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance, CA has changed during 2019.

These drone images show how the Madrona Marsh Preserve has changed from January 2019 to January 2020. As you will see, there is significant changes since 16.59 inches in total rainfall fell during the year. Focus on the left side (West) of the site to see the most significant changes in water levels — with the whole site’s vegetation changing colors throughout the seasons.

This was created by combining 12 months of orthomosaics into a time lapse video. Each month’s orthomosaic was created by combining (stitching) 400 low altitude drone photographs into precision map.


Sky Ladder Drones Featured on Cover of Daily Breeze Today!!!

A terrific article written by Nick Green of the Daily Breeze was published today featuring our volunteer work with the Madrona Marsh.

Read the article here:


Construction Progress Captures in March ARB “Zero Grid”

We had multiple jobs today capturing construction progress in Moreno Valley today. Thank you to Desi for her help as a VO, it was invaluable having her onsite and always fun to work with.

As you can see, it was a beautiful SoCal day – sunny, crisp and cool. Also, coordination of the “Zero Grid” airspace with March ARB was smooth as usual – thank you to the team at March ARB for their professionalism.


Desi and Steven on job site in Moreno Valley


Desi takes a selfie on the jobsite.

Introducing ConcreteVision™ (See through concrete decks)

Developers, Construction Management Companies and Contractors — stop guessing where the pipe or electrical conduit is located.  With our new ConcreteVision™, you can see the exact as-built without calling out a concrete x-ray crew.

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of a portion of a site — please contact us if you are interested.

Here is a live example from a recent construction project:


[Note: These maps are not surveys or certified by a licensed surveyor. With surveyor ground control points, these “pre” & “post” pour maps will overlay with other site maps perfectly. They are just pretty pictures until they are geo-referenced and certified.]

Happy New Year from the Sky Ladder Drones team!

Happy New Year from the Sky Ladder Drones team! First, thank you to all our customers in 2019!

And a special thank you to our pilots, visual observers and partners.  When I started adding the names of people who helped pilot or VO (visual observer) during in 2019, I was amazed to compile a list of 32 total people!!!  Thank you to these pilots/VOs — look at the sky of the panorama to see the names of everyone on the team who helped make this a great year!

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles yesterday when I captured this 360 degree panorama at the top of the Palos Verdes Peninsula — with views of snow-capped mountains, downtown, Hollywood, Malibu, Catalina and Orange County.

We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2020!

Click here:  360 Panorama

(see our team’s names in the sky of the panorama)

San Pedro Radar Tower – Palos Verdes, California (Sky Ladder Drones – 12/31/2019)

A Great 2D Mapping Example – Capturing the Changing Landscape at Madrona Marsh

What a difference one month of rain makes!

As you probably know, we donate a weekly mapping capture to Madrona Marsh in Torrance, CA — and this has provided the Marsh staff and volunteers with an invaluable tool for the management of the Marsh. And today’s capture has shown a significant difference in water levels compared on only one month ago.

Take a look at a side-by-side maps on how much the Marsh has changed from December 2019 storms which dropped 4.87 inches of water:

The Madrona Marsh is one of the last remaining vernal freshwater marshes in Los Angeles County — and 100% fed by rainfall.

These maps were created by combining 399 drone photographs into an orthomosaic image. Think of it as a high definition Google Map (10x the resolution) that YOU determine when it is captured.

Do you have a remodel, construction project, parking lot or even a wildlife preserve you want to track over time? Sky Ladder Drones can help you create high definition maps — and you control when and where you share the maps. And, by combining the services of a licensed surveyor, these maps turn from pretty pictures to measurements and data. Give us a call or drop us an email.

Here’s a high resolution image of today’s mapping capture:

[Note: These maps are not surveys or certified by a licensed surveyor. They are just pretty pictures until they are geo-referenced and certified.]

Topping Off Ceremony at Historic Vision Theater in Leimert Park

Peter did a terrific job at the Vision Theater in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles today.

He captured the final structural steel being set at the historic Vision Theater.

Weekly Drone Mapping of Madrona Marsh Captures First Rainstorm of 2019/2020 Season

This week was the first rain of the 2019/2020 winter season here in the Los Angeles area — and we spent a couple hours documenting how the 43 acre Madrona Marsh has “come to life.”

As a longtime volunteer at the Madrona Marsh and Preserve, we’ve been documenting the seasons at the Marsh for the last year. Our mapping has allowed the Marsh management team to track water levels, vegetation growth, and serving as an overall management tool.

Our mapping capture of 399 images on Saturday, November 30, 2019, shows how 1.08 inches of rain immediately changes the Marsh with both water and wildlife. See a “Before/After” map of this first season rain here:

***A special thank you to Torrance Airport Air Traffic Control for working with us to approve weekly airspace authorizations in what is designated as a “No Fly Zone.” These flights have enabled us to provide this resource to the Torrance city-owned Madrona Marsh and Preserve.

Successful Flights in March Air Reserve Base “Zero Grid” to Capture New Construction Progress

I had a great morning with Desiree and Mariel capturing a construction progress job. Besides being a beautiful day, it was really cool flying near March ARB with “real-time deconfliction” coordination with their air traffic control. But, when you get a call from ATC to advise you that there will be UAV activity we need to avoid — you don’t expect a huge Reaper UAV doing touch-and-goes nearby. (at least I think it is a Reaper from the attached picture Desi took.) #zerogrid #ATC-Called-US!

1 mile from March ARB – with “real-time deconfliction”

Our team Onsite (and yes, that is Desi in a pink safety vest!)

We finished just as the Reaper UAV began flying training missions nearby.